I’m gonna make the rest of my life THE BEST of my life!

Welcome to Life into my Years!

  Come on in sit down and grab yourself a cup of coffee…… margarita ………..same thing! I’m Mary, a 49 year old empty nester, a born and raised sun worshiper, coffee loving, margarita fanatic, foodie in training, Zumba addict, fitness pursuing California girl, just living in a small town in South Dakota.

  I’m a mom of 3 adult boys. Since the last one just flew the coop it is time this mom to stop adding years to my life and start adding LIFE TO MY YEARS! They are my role models. They push me in my pursuit of fitness and clean eating. 

  My greatest joy in life is being Grammy (grandma) to the ONLY person that will get away with calling my Grammy (at the moment) My 3 year old grandson. One of my main reasons for pursuing fitness. The phrase “Love you to the Moon and back” does not even begin to cover how I feel about that little man!

  I hope you follow along and join in while I prove that no matter your age, size, or fitness level, you are NEVER too old to PUT SOME MORE LIFE INTO YOUR YEARS!

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